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One of the most important functions of the counseling department at Holtville High School is to ensure that all students receive a high school diploma and meet the requirements needed to be accepted into a four year university. In order to do this, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and receive a ‘C’ or better in all coursework.

Whenever students fall behind, their counselors will schedule an SST or student study team meeting. These meetings are attended by the student, their parents, all teachers, an administrator and the counselor. During the meeting, grades are reviewed and strategies are discussed on how to help the student improve their achievement levels in the courses they are struggling with.

Parents are encouraged to assist teachers in monitoring their student’s progress and given information on how their child can access tutoring sessions with their instructors. If possible, students are instructed to turn in missing assignments or they may change seating assignments to allow them to more easily see instructions and communicate with the teacher.

SST’s may also be scheduled to discuss health issues or concerns with learning disabilities. Whenever a parent has concerns about their child’s progress, they should contact the counselor by calling 760-356-2926 and ask for the counseling department.