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Ag. Leadership Agri-Biology Intro to Public Safety
Intro to Ag. Mechanics Agri-Chemistry Public Safety II
Ag. Mech-Wood Agri-Science Public Safety III
Ag. Mech-Weld Agri-Econ/Government Computer Apps for Business Systems
Food Science I Advanced Agri-Science Intro to Business Tech.
Verterinary Science Advanced Ag. Fabrication Business Tech.
Floriculture Advanced Business Management Intro to Medical Occupations
Sports Medicine Auto Tech. I Small Engines
Medical Terminology Auto Tech. II


Lindsay Cox

Lindsay Cox

Ag. Leadership

Veterinary Science




Advanced Agri-Science

Carson Cronkright

Carson Cronkright

Ag. Mech-Wood

Ag. Mech-Weld

Advanced Ag. Fabrication


Intro to Ag. Mechanics

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Steve Lobstein

Auto Tech. I

Auto Tech. II

Small Engines

Ethan Ming

Ethan Ming

Medical Terminology

Sports Medicine

Intro to Medical Occupations

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Gabriel Ponce

Intro to Business Tech.

Computer Apps for Business Systems

Advanced Business Management

Business Tech.

Jen Sutter

Jen Sutter

Food Science I


Pompeyo Tabarez

Pompeyo Tabarez

Intro to Public Safety

Public Safety II

Public Safety III