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Ag. Leadership Agri-Biology Intro to Public Safety
Intro to Ag. Mechanics Agri-Chemistry Public Safety II
Ag. Mech-Wood Agri-Science Public Safety III
Ag. Mech-Weld Agri-Econ/Government Computer Apps for Business Systems
Food Science I Advanced Agri-Science Intro to Business Tech.
Verterinary Science Advanced Ag. Fabrication Business Tech.
Floriculture Advanced Business Management Intro to Medical Occupations
Sports Medicine Auto Tech. I Small Engines
Medical Terminology Auto Tech. II


Lindsay Cox

Lindsay Cox

Ag. Leadership

Veterinary Science




Advanced Agri-Science

Carson Cronkright

Carson Cronkright

Ag. Mech-Wood

Ag. Mech-Weld

Advanced Ag. Fabrication


Intro to Ag. Mechanics

Holtville High School Viking

Steve Lobstein

Auto Tech. I

Auto Tech. II

Small Engines

Ethan Ming

Ethan Ming

Medical Terminology

Sports Medicine

Intro to Medical Occupations

Holtville High School Viking

Gabriel Ponce

Intro to Business Tech.

Computer Apps for Business Systems

Advanced Business Management

Business Tech.

Jen Sutter

Jen Sutter

Food Science I


Pompeyo Tabarez

Pompeyo Tabarez

Intro to Public Safety

Public Safety II

Public Safety III