October 19, 2020

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians:

Every school year, Holtville High School traditionally hands out report cards for the first quarter of the school year in the gym.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parent conferences in the gym will not be possible this school year.  HHS has therefore opted to mail all report cards home for the first quarter.  All parent conferences will be held online via Zoom.  All teachers at Holtville High School will post a Zoom link for Parent Conferences within their Google Classroom.  If you would like to speak with any of your student’s teachers for a parent conference, please have your son/daughter assist you by logging into their Google Classroom to find the link.  Parent Conferences will be held from October 26-30, 2020 and they will take place daily from 1:00-2:30 PM.  When you enter the Zoom session, the teacher will let one parent into the session at a time, in the order that they clicked on the link.  If you find that you are in the waiting room for a little while, it could be that the teacher has other parents ahead of you.  Also, if you are in need of a translator, please notify the teacher and they will contact the office.  To decrease the amount of wait time for parents, parent conferences will be held by last name.  Please see the dates below for your designated day.

-October 26, 2020: Last Names A-F

-October 27, 2020: Last Names G-L

-October 28, 2020: Last Names M-R

-October 29, 2020: Last Names S-Z

-October 30, 2020: Make-ups

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