HHS Scholarship Guidelines

Step 1: Gather the scholarships that you qualify for; there may be more than one. NOTE: A few scholarships have one application, but are offering different scholarships.
Step 2: Make a list of what is required for each scholarship. Do not depend on others to explain all the requirements to you. Call whoever is offering the scholarship if you need clarification.
Step 3: Prioritize your list either by deadline or essay topic. See other side for essay topic list.
Step 4: Watch out for the deadlines! If you miss them, you no longer qualify. Remember, the committee looks for all the requirements. If something is missing, you won’t get money. In essence, you are getting paid for the time you spend on these applications.
Step 5: All applications indicate how you should deliver the scholarship. Some will have an address to mail it to. Some may be dropped of in the counseling office. If you are asked to hand deliver them, DRESS appropriately!

The counseling department can help you. However, regardless of what you believe, it is not the counselors’ responsibility to fill out you applications for you. You must do this yourself.

If you would like your application reviewed prior to delivery, please email an attachment to Mr. Burfield at or Mrs. Okada at

Scholarship Format-Place all items in a folder

  1. Cover Page-Application
  2. Activity Chart & Resume (see below)
  3. Essay (click on the following link for more help: Essay Tips)
  4. Letter(s) of Recommendation (request letters 48 hours in advance)
  5. Transcripts (request transcripts 24 hours in advance)

The order of items places in the folder should be listed on the application. You may request official transcripts from Mrs. Diez. Unofficial transcripts are requested from Mrs. Soto. NOTE: Ask for several at one time or make extra copies so you won’t have to request more when you need them later.

Here are some additional links to assist with applications and scholarships: links to all two and four colleges, career schools and colleges extensive listing of scholarships with links to the websites GPA Calculator to assist with college applications

Holtville High School Local Scholarships

B.P.O.E. Elks November $100-$300 GPA, Test scores, financial need, community service

Elks Steve Cole January $50 Financial Need, community college

SDSU President’s February $3500 3.0 GPA, enrollment SDSU, essay

Women’s Club February $1000 PA, essay, financial need

CALSOAP March $1000-2000 GPA, enrollment in CC or 4 year university

Italian Catholic Federation March $400 Member Italian/Catholic community, 3.2 GPA

Chicano Correctional Workers March $400 Minimum GPA , essay, academic resume

HHS Green & Gold Scholarships March $500 Career specific (see below)

Scholarship (see deadline above) 3.0 GPA 4 yr college enrollment/education degree or interest

Jan Anderson Sports 3.0 GPA 4 yr college enrollment/physical ed degree or interest

Simon Silva Art 3.0 GPA 4 yr college enrollment/fine arts degree or interest

Lendal Macon Music 3.0 GPA 4 yr college enrollment/music degree or interest

Harold Burnworth Vocational 2.5 Community College enrollment

ACSAAdministrator April $500 3.0 GPA, essay, Child of public school administrator

Chinese Consolidated Association April $1200 Chinese descent, 3.0 GPA, leadership, community service

IV Counselor’s/Carlos Carmona April $250-500 2.5 GPA Seeking degree in psychology/counseling

IV Kennel Club April $500 Seeking degree in veterinary medicine

IVROP April $1000 ROP student, Citizen or legal resident, IV resident

Anthony Garcia April $500 Minimum GPA, community service

Imperial County UNISERV May $750 3.0 GPA, essay

Claddagh Irish Club May $1000 Personal statement, essay

Imperial County Bureau May $500 GPA, Seeking career in agriculture

IVC HP Meyer May $150 GPA and enrollment at IVC

Soroptomist Outstanding Student May $500 GPA, essay, financial need, community service

Virginia Samaha Soroptomist May $250 Community College/ Vocational Degree

Sun Community Federal` May $500 3.0 GPA, academic achievement, essay

Holtville Rotary May $300 Minimum GPA

Hoyle Preist Male Athlete May $1000 GPA/Athletic Accomplishments

Kirchebauer Female Athlete May $1000 GPA/Athletic Accomplishments

Williams Family Trust May $3,000 a year 3.0 GPA, Athletic achievement/Interest in agriculture

Walker Deloach May $500 GPA, athletic achievement

Migrant Parents May $500 Migrant student, 2.0 GPA, have financial need

Scott Hester Ag Business May $500 2.0 GPA, essay, athletics, 4-H, FFA

St. Joseph May $500 <st1:city w:st="on">St. Joseph</st1:city> member, 2.5 GPA

Macdonald English Major May $500 3.0 GPA, essay, resume

MANA May $500 Female Hispanic student, 3.0 GPA, community service

Howard & Jewell Vencil Nursing May $10,000 Nursing major, 3.5 GPA, strong background in science