Letters of Recommendation

Throughout the year, students may find the need to ask a teacher or counselor for a letter documenting their progress and personal character. These letters of recommendation are important tools used for evaluating a particular student’s merits for acceptance into college or to acquire financial aid scholarships.

Unfortunately, the majority of students who ask for such a letter do not take into consideration the length of time necessary to gather enough information on the student and then create a letter that would allow them to receive a favorable outcome to their desire to enter college or receive a scholarship.

By following these simple steps students will ensure that they have given the letter writer enough information and time to create a document that will ultimately lead to receiving letters of acceptance to college and/or winning scholarships to help pay for their college careers.

  1. Do not expect a letter to be written in less than 48 hours.
  2. Bring a resume complete with all high school activities; i.e. sports, clubs, awards, offices held, community service, etc.
  3. Include all necessary information about what sort of position, financial aid or college you are seeking to attend, where the letter is to be sent and who (the person) is that it should be addressed to.
  4. Include a transcript with your request.

By following these steps you will find that you will not only receive a good letter describing your attributes but you will also have given the person doing you the favor of writing the letter enough consideration that they will be willing to write another one for you in the future.