Holtville High School

CTE Pathways

CTE Courses are sequenced according to knowledge and skills. Students are encouraged to complete the courses in sequence, to progress from introductory to capstone curriculum. Each course is 155 hours long. A student with 300 hours of in-sequence coursework is a pathway completer.

A Pathway can have an introductory course, should have a concentrator and must have a capstone.

Introductory Courses: A CTE entry-level pathway that contains concepts and skills required to build foundational and general knowledge.

Concentrator Courses: A CTE pathway course beyond the introductory level that is intended to provide more in-depth instruction and exploration of a specific career pathway.

Capstone Courses: The final course in a pathway that provides a rigorous and intensive culmination of a course of study.


School # State # Agricultural Science
7131 7130 Introductory Agri-Biology
4075 7131 Concentrator Agri-Chemistry
7132 7132 Capstone Advanced Agri-Science


School # State # Animal Science
7130 7100 Introductory Agri-Science
7140 7141 Concentrator Veterinary Science I
7141 7142 Capstone Veterinary Science II


School # State # Agricultural Mechanics
7120 7120 Introductory Basic Ag
7310/5306 7121 Concentrator Wood I or Welding I
997 7121 Capstone ROP Farm Mechanics I


School # State # Plant & Soil Pathway
4010 7170 Introductory Agri-Plant and Soil
4070 7171 Concentrator Agri-Food Safety I
4071 7172 Capstone Agri-Food Safety II


School # State # Patient Care
7900 7920 Introductory Intro to Med Occup
7921 7921 Concentrator Medical Terminology
7922 7922 Capstone Sports Medicine


School # State # Bus Mgmt Comm Tech
7400 7400 Introductory Intro to Business Tech
7411 7411 Concentrator Business Tech
7412 7412 Capstone Adv Bus Tech
7413 7412 Capstone Comp App for Bus Sys


Updated 12/17/2019